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New Year Message  • Update • Archive of Covid Updates
Thankful for a  Virtual Talent Show
New Faculty Video
Lauren Halbrecht Chomko, March 7th, 1982 — October 27th, 2020
Play Music!
 Week's end Update & Health Update
The ever complex adolescent brain
Middle School Stanton Time!
For a child, reassurance is a powerful asset
Update from the Board Meeting
Behind the Mask...Are LOTS of Smiles
Health Education
I See trees (on the Green), red pinnies, too......
After seven days, there are things to be proud of.
We are Back to School!
A Running Update!
Early August Update
My July Message
COVID Update on Fall 2020
Summer Fun From Home
Week's End: Please read
Design Camp Recap
Week's End: April 10
Remote Learning Update: All Facts, no Funny (VERY IMPORTANT to read anyway)
We need it all.
March 27: Morning Meeting
March 26 Updates!
Adventures in Community Engagement
Directions and Shenanigans
Give your Amygdala​ a break
March 19: ...But this goes to 11...
March 18: Hey its a video!
COVID-19 by the numbers
Today's News: March 17th
Monday Update and To Do list
Setting Up Notifications on your Phone
More than Just a Learning Plan, Our Care Plan
2nd Grade's Read Across America
Who is Shaun Tan?
K News
Lyme Pride
Rebound Ratios
Art K-2 News
K-5 Stanton Time!
8th Grade Memorials
Using a doodle to improve the noodle
7th Grade reading The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind
6th Grade Columbian Exchange Posters
Eighth Grade "Rocks" Through the Winter
Seventh Grade Science News
Sixth Grade Science News
Winter got ya climbing the walls?
OzoMazes, OzoSnowPlows, and OzoAnimals!
WISE returns to help keep us  "out of a box"
100th Day of School!
A Call From the Top
Bola de Números
A Cat Is Worth Twenty Four Cents!
Lyme History
Second Graders Love Science
Making Just One Change in Project Research
Empty Bowls
5th Grade Raises Money for Australia
Imagine A World...
Kinder Mystery Reader!
What’s Going on in Stanton Time?!
7th grade
6th Humanities: The Columbian Exchange
8th Humanities: War and Peace
They share, they shoot, they score!
Bringing Mental Health to the Forefront
Pickle what?
Pen Pals
Día de los Reyes Magos
Paper Table Challenge
Planning a renewable energy future
Biography Unit in Grade Four
Kinder and 3rd Grade Tiny Snow Shelter Challenge
A Fond Farewell
Eighth Grade Science News
Seventh Grade Science News
Sixth Grade Science News
On belay!
Second Grade Buddy Time
Middle School Math News
Lyme Winter Concert
Who Likes What At Thanksgiving Dinner?
So Many Colored Counters!
Partnering for Tossing and Catching
Breaking Down Stereotypes the WISE Way
8th Grade:  Geography, Historical Fiction, WWII
6th Grade One Pagers
7th grade Found Poems
Open Mic @YourLibrary
The Lyme School Hips, Hops, Busts a Move with Maddie Warriner
 The K-Kids "Pop" using their eyes and hands as a team
Clearing away the clouds of adolecence
1st Grade 'Pumpkinfest'
Spanish Language Acquisition
Students Teaching Students
To The Clouds!
Welcome to the jungle!
Sixth Grade Science News
Lyme Middle Schoolers Designing our Energy Future
Thank You Veterans
6-8 Art News
3-5 Art News
K-2 Art News
Seventh Grade Science News
Eighth Grade Science News
Pumpkin Investigation
Artist-In-Residency: Dance Edition! (Nov. 4 - Nov. 8)
Having a "Spooktacular" time in PE
The Eighth Grade Learns about the Adolescent Brain
Science and Seeds in Kindergarten
​Middle School Math : Visual Representations and Problem Solving
The Return of: STANTON TIME
8th Humanities: Competing Visions for Human Rights
Tech & Library Media Q1 Update
First Grade Writing Club (The Writing Animals)
Routines and Running of the Bulls in MS Spanish
Stories, and Movies, and Spanish, oh my!
Design Lab Electives
Marshmallow challenge
Engineering design
Music News
Eighth Grade Science News
Seventh Grade Science News
Our Colorful Worlds
Committing to be fit!
Macro-Invertebrates & Grant Brook
Source to Sea Clean Up
Second Grade Forest Day
Kinder News
Middle School Art: September 2019
K-2 Art: September 2019
Hulbert Outdoor Center
K-8 Math News!
Making PE an Ultimate Experience
Penpal reveal
The Return of the Lymies....Older, Wiser, and Taller
Dr. Bill Hudenko returns to the Lyme School
Forest Penpals
Second Grade Book Clubs
4th Grade Greek Day
5th Grade Biologists
Middle Schoolers Committing To Their Fitness
It's Springtime in Kindergarten!
K-8 Stanton Time!
The Olympic Games in Modern Times
Science with Four Winds
Price Chopper Points Purchase
Social Curriculum Through Literature
The Mural Project
"Stayin' Alive"  Round 2
The Modern Montra: Yes... And....
The 7th Graders Who Harnessed the .........?
Lyme 8th Grade Career Exploration in the Upper Valley
Fun Third Grade Buddy Time
Movement and Simple Machines
It's Electric
Willy Wonka Candy Stand
Maple Sugaring
Interdisciplinary Project
Humanities: Social Justice
2nd and 5th Grade Buddy Projects
Math-Themed Book Talks in Grade 7
Group Rhythmic and Fitness Activity
5th Graders Explore Populations: Oh, Deer!
Eighth Grade Weathers a Storm of Learning
Sixth Grade Science News
Do you have a Favorite Restaurant?  Ari does...
States of Matter in Grade 1
A Lovely Gift from our Middle Schoolers
Warning: Bully Cats in Spanish class
 Sixth Graders working on Self Image Collages
Is Being Bored Okay?
7th Grade Social Studies News
Community Penpals with 6th Grade
7th Grade Web Discussions
5th Graders Debate Genetically Modified Organisms
Humanities: Out of Eden Project
Researching Cities in Second Grade
Gr 3-5 Music Projects
State Tourism/Persuasive Essays
Stanton Time: Middle School Edition
3rd, 4th and 5th Stanton Time!
Stanton Time Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade!
Manatees in First Grade
4th Grade Volleyball
Seventh Grade Science News
Sixth Grade Science News
French Reports
100th Day of School
Valentine's Day Bake Sale
6th Grade Mini Memoirs
Mush! Alaska & The Iditarod
Second Grade Loves to Read!
Problem of the Week: Grade 7
Using your noodle to answer an essential question
Understanding Suicide Risk and Prevention in Adolescence
Humanities: Genius Hour Completed- What A Show!
Middle School Enjoying Lunch and Games
Seventh Short Story Series
Moon Study in First Grade
Weather, Water, and Woods in 4th Grade
Creative Writing Film Project
Open Studio
The Wonder of Water, Winter, and the Woods
Stories with Michael Caduto
Not Found Yet...
The Wild Side of Learning
Eighth Grade Science News
Sixth Grade Science News
What you think you see might not always be....
"Reaching new goals and heights with help from our older friends"
If Cars are Idling It Must be Winter
Grade 8: Design Lab
French News
Grades 6-7 Design Lab
Grades 3-5 Design Lab
K-2 Design Lab
Humanities: Reading Literature to Understand History
7th Grade LA Classes Contemplate the Refugee Experience
6th LA/SS happenings
First Grade Saves the Gingerbread Man!
First Grade Makes Dog Bones to Donate to the Humane Society
What Time is it? STANTON TIME! December Edition
Winter Music in Lyme
5th grade "rocks" the climbing wall
Algebra Class
The Top Secret Monster Project
"Stayin' Alive"
Decades Day by Union Street Kids
Breaks, Pulls, Sprains, and Strains-The 7th grade takes on Sports Injuries
Japanese Knotweed Project
Forest Buddies
Diving in to Determine Human Density
Seventh Grade Science News
Sixth Grade Science
Day of the Dead week!
Middle School French
What's Happening in 7th Grade Social Studies?
Humanities: Candy Kisses, Spider Webs and the Subtle Art of Persuasion
7th Grade Language Arts
6th grade Language Arts/Social Studies
Bucket Filling & Team Building & MINDSETS, Oh My!
A Visit to Kenya
Learning is a "balancing act" in Physical Education
Exploring Fitness in P.E.
Poems about Empathy and Compassion
Seventh Grade Science News
7th Grade Math: Problem of the Week
Eighth Grade Science News
Sixth Grade Science
Music Workshop and  Concert with Windborne!
“Anything can happen in Spanish class”
Contemplating Identity in 7th Grade LA
Need a Political Theory Refresher?  The 8th Grade Can Help With That!
7th Grade Language Arts
6th grade Language Art/Social Studies
What's happening in 7th Grade Social Studies?
Middle School | Design Lab
Design Lab | Grades 3-5
Green Screen Magic | K-2
A PT Guest Speaker in Health Class
Mr. Chapin's Middle School Music News
Friendship, Fitness, and Fun!
8th Grade Hulbert Trip
Source to Sea Clean Up on Saturday
6th Grade Math News
Academic Clubs in the Middle School
Art News
A Musical Start to the School Year
Lyme School's Operation: Drop Off
Fun and Fitness PE Style
Curious Minds Science Club - Fall 2018
Summer Design Lab Workshop
Chesley School House 1824-1959
Retiring and New Faculty
Supporting Wellness and Mental Health
Outdoor Band Concert
Penpals Meet!
2018 Lyme Summer Camps
Lyme School band "Final Fling"
Field Day at the Lyme School
Sierpinski's Pyramid Lyme Style
Alumni Breakfast
Celebration of Spring
Mini Golf in PE
Giving Boys a Voice and Choice
Thank You to Our Four Winds Volunteers!
Second Grade at Grant Brook
Lyme Writers in the Valley News
School Safety Forum
5th Grade Leadership Opportunity in PE
Lyme Middle Schoolers learn how to "stop the bleed"
We support talent!
Six Graders Study Ocean Densities
Visiting Ellis Island
Physical Education Walk About
Understanding through Illustration
"Why do they make good neighbors?"
7th Grade Social Studies slavery project
Calling All Local Scientists!
Lyme Honors Olympian Paddy Caldwell
Lyme School Design Lab
Design Thinking Drops Into Inservice
What's so funny about snow?
A Community Letter Project
March 14th Remembrance of Parkland
Screen Time and Kids
Cyber Robotics Coding Competition - Congratulations Lyme School!