Mrs. Balch

Mrs. Balch

Student Success Coordinator


My name is Connie Balch. The students know me as Ms. Connie. I have taught in Lyme for over 20 years. In my current position, I am the student success coordinator. I’m married to an amazing man who was born and raised in Lyme like his father and grandfather. We have two sons and a daughter, as well as three grandchildren and a dog.

What does a Student Success Coordinator do?

  • Helps ALL children

  • Develops, implements, and monitors positive behavior support plans

  • Teaches communication skills, decision-making skills, social skills, perspective taking , listening , problem-solving and conflict resolution skills, and helps children to develop an understanding of self and others

  • Works with children individually and in small groups

  • Provides input to Individualized Education Plans and 504 Plans

  • Provides academic support

  • Consults with parents and teachers

  • Assists with crisis intervention

How does a student get to see a Student Success Coordinator?

  • Students may ask to come see me.

  • A  teacher or principal can send students to me.

  • Mom, Dad, or another care provider can make a request.

  • A school friend may invite a student for a special visit.