2nd and 5th Grade Buddy Projects

One of the highlights of second grade is when we get to spend time with our fifth grade buddies. We often do projects and activities together to practice teamwork and solving complex problems. Our current Figure It Out Friday project is to create a space where any Lyme School student can take a brain or movement break. We practiced different ways to take breaks and get our brains ready to learn.

Our challenge is to design a sensory path with a theme and a variety of activities. Our drawings are a combination of second and fifth grade ideas, and the fifth grade modeled the ABCDs of scientific drawing to make sure that we created the most accurate and detailed drawing possible. Once we finish our designs we will begin to put together a mock sensory path and do a test to see how it works. We are hoping to bring our ideas to life so that any Lyme School student can practice moving their body and resetting their mind for learning.