Do you have a Favorite Restaurant?  Ari does...


     Do you like restaurants with great food, a beautiful location, and lots of space?  Lolos has that.  In my opinion, Lolos is the best restaurant because Lolos has great food, a beautiful location, and lots of space.

     Let's begin with the great food at Lolos.   I have never been to a restaurant with better ribs than Lolos.  In my opinion, the ribs are the best food at Lolos because you can decide if you want a whole or half rack and sauce or no sauce.  The ribs are are big, saucy and so delicious that as soon as you smell them, your mouth will start watering.  You should try the ribs because you will love them.

     Then there is the location of Lolos.  Lolos is on the French side of St. Martin which is in the Caribbean where it is warm.  Have you ever had a great view at a restaurant?  I have, at Lolos.  Lolos has outside seating with a view of the ocean from every table in the whole restaurant!  You will enjoy the seating and location, even on a rainy day.

     Finally, the space at Lolos is great.  The tables are so big so you will always have enough space, even with lots of people.  You won't ever almost run into a waiter while you are walking.  Even when Lolos is crowded, you will have enough space that you can relax.

     At Lolos you will enjoy the great food, beautiful location, and lots of space.  That is why Lolos is the best restaurant.  I wish I could eat there every week.

By Ari