French Reports

6th Grade French

Students are preparing for a unit test on Wednesday, February 13th, that will cover leçons 4,9,10, 11, and 12.  They can go online to to practice the material and study for the test. 

7th Grade French

Students are learning another new verb to add to their verb repertoire. The new verb is “aller” which means “to go”, and it will be very helpful when explaining where they are going when they get to France. They have learned many different common location nouns in French like the library, store, mall, beach, church, school, etc., and they know how to ask for directions to these places as well. Looking ahead, they will learn the verb ”venir” , which means “to come” , so students will be able to communicate where they are going and where they are coming from as well.


8th Grade French

We have finally arrived to our study of the past tense: le Passé Composé. This is a milestone in our study of French and students will be able to write and speak about completed actions that occurred in the past.  Now your student will be able to communicate in the present, immediate tense, and the past tenses. This gives students great flexibility in the language and they would be able to carry on a conversation with a Francophile quite well at the basic level. Bravo!