Student work

The first grade spent the last few weeks very engaged in a research project about local animal & plant life! Each student chose a topic they were interested in and have been exploring and learning about it throughout our research process. 

We began by generating questions we had about our topics. We followed the Question Formulation Technique and developed many questions! To help guide our research, we narrowed down these lists to a few open ended questions to use as the base of our research. 

Students had the opportunity to research using a variety of tools. We used student friendly online platforms and many, many books to gather information on our topics.

After our research was complete, students were tasked with writing a teaching paragraph about their animal or plant. 

We recorded our first ever First Grade Podcast where students had the opportunity to be interviewed by our wonderful tech integrator, Mrs. Neuroth. Students were able to share about  their animals survival and other fun facts during the interview. 

We have had an amazing time learning about the research process and our various topics throughout this unit. 

Follow this link to check out our podcast! First grade podcast