The Fastest Growing Sport in the US

A game with part of  its name of something that is typically added to a sandwich or a hamburger? Pickleball! Have you heard of it?  Well, it is the fastest growing sport in the United States.  Although this game has been around for over thirty years,  its increasing popularity makes it THE game to play!

Pickleball is a combination of tennis and ping pong.  Played with paddles and a wiffle ball, this game of skill and strategy is loads of fun, not to mention a great workout.  Played in singles or doubles, players work to earn up to fifteen points to try and score a victory over their opponent(s).

This past week, three Lyme community members, who happen to be avid Pickleball players, joined the 5th grade PE class. They offered a pickleball clinic to explain the game and demonstrate the skills necessary to play.  This  hour-long clinic focused on both skill practice with the paddles and balls, as well as how the actual game is played: serving techniques and player positions.   Lyme students were engaged and excited to learn this fabulous game!

Our school  is always grateful for our community resources. We are so very happy to welcome our Lyme community members, who have so much to offer, back into our school.