Fourth Grade Iditarod Unit

We are back at it this year - each student has a Musher to follow and track progress as they mush across the state of Alaska.  Along with learning to navigate the Iditarod website, writing musher biographies  and going back in history to learn about the race, our overall focus has been on data interpretation through dialogue and graphs. Students are looking at Musher averages speed throughout the race, as well as, total time traveling the trail versus total rest time. Making these connections and inferences has helped us learn more about what it might be like to travel 1000 miles with a dog team through a range of weather at -30 degrees F to +20 degrees in other areas.  We culminated our unit by creating summary videos using Flipgrid, as well as writing a letter to  our Musher.  Who knows... maybe we will get some responses from these amazing athletes!