Kindergartners After Our Walk

During the month of October, we have been reading many amazing books about Fall/Autumn. We've been sharing about how students enjoy Fall and animals are busy in the Fall getting ready for Winter. On Wednesday, the Kindergartners took a nature walk to notice how Fall has changed over the month; we used four of our senses (hearing, seeing, smelling, touching… but not tasting: “We won’t be licking anything on our walk,” one student enthusiastically commented!). Afterwards, we created a list that included such things as: most leaves off the trees and vines, chirping birds, pine cones up in the trees and on the ground, some colorful leaves still on the trees on our playground, and lots of garbage. (Which we picked up!)

On Friday, each child made a page for a classroom book called, Fall is Fun in which they drew about one of their favorite Fall activities. It’ll be a great book to add to our collection of Fall books.