Team Tournament Play Elective

Students who like to be active, enjoy team sports, and prefer a more competitive approach to team play signed up for Team Tournament Play this trimester.  Students are each part of one of a selection of four 4-5 person teams, which compete against one another weekly. 

Each week, new teams are announced and students are introduced to a new sport activity.  All teams play against one another before advancing to a semi-final round and then onto a championship round. A variety of activities have been offered to meet the interests of all students and to keep them engaged and focused on the skill level needed, as well as the team strategy needed in order to advance. Activities have included soccer, ultimate frisbee, field ball, badminton, volleyball, floor hockey, basketball  and even capture the flag.  

The goal of the elective is for students be active, to participate as a productive team member, to reinforce a variety of manipulative skills, and of course, practice being gracious regardless of winning and losing.