First Grade growth mindset

Lessons in having a growth mindset start early.  First grade is learning how we train our brains to learn that we can't do some things YET!

Some reminders:

  • Special School District meeting: October 8th at 9am in the school gym for the purpose of accepting adequacy aid from the State. 
  • October 8 and October 11 are no school days for students.  Teacher will be working on October 8. 
  • Picture orders are due on October 8.
  • See the other News on our website for information about the October 18-22 Pumpkin Book Characters organized by Ms. Wilcox.
  • Thanks for attending the remote information sessions with the teachers.  Please contact your teacher if you would like more information about the class routines and expectations. 
  • Credit to Anke (1st grade) for her art and the poster is in a 4th grade classroom.