Action, action, kids love PE!

Physical Education is in full swing and students in all grades have been spending time working on skill sets and their physical fitness.  This past week, students in grade 4 were placed in small groups, charged with performing and completing  a series of fitness tasks to complete as a unit.  Several of the component of fitness (cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and muscular endurance) were used. This allowed students to have a balanced routine that worked the large muscle groups.   

Students were asked to stay together (three feet apart!) as a unit to foster good communication, while also achieving personal fitness challenges within the group.  Each group had a  task manager,  chosen by me.  This person had the responsibility of ensuring on-task behavior within the group, as well as being mindful of others' fitness level to show respect for the varying fitness and/or skill  levels. 

Students rose to the challenge! They demonstrated their commitment to being a respectful and responsible PE community member, while simultaneously moving through a series of physical activities as an individual.