A Running Update!

UPDATED: Friday 11:30

Keeping you COVID- informed since March 2020!

So we are using this news article to reemphasize some points made in previous emails or in different documents.  Please review the FAQ and Reopening Plan for more specific information.

This News Story will be updated as other details are suggested as necessary to emphasize.

August 31st 9am-12 noon Meet your teacher and pick up devices on the common. Students will need their device for September 8th (Remote Day) or if they are on the Remote Learning Plan.  In person learners will need to bring their device back with them on the on the first day of school, September 9th.  If you can not make this time and day you can arrange to pick up your devices and materials in front of the school following the 31st. Call 795 2125 to make arrangements.

• Split Classes:  Because we are cohorting by grade, class lists will be reset periodically (i.e. every few weeks) to allow for varied social connections,  the class make up and attendance is recorded every day to utilize in the case that contract tracing becomes necessary.

• Teachers and teacher teams will provide class information to families on the 31st on the common.