Week's End: April 10

Bulleted For your Benefit.

• Sign up for Design Camp if you are looking for cool stuff for the kids to do.

• Like, comment, or view (or ignore if you find this kind of thing annoying) Sanitizer's new video short "Adventures in Newt Wrangling"

• Lunches are still available next week (Deliveries and Pick up on M, W,TH)

• Quarter 3 Report cards will be emailed next Tuesday or Wednesday

• Continue to avoid gathering in cross family groups and continue to practice social distancing, school break does not meet it is a break from what will get us through this sooner than later.

• Use the time to reflect.   This time is challenging for us all.  No one is exempt from this fact in their lives, so what we are doing to support others and what are we doing to support those that are supporting others. 

• We are working to coordinate weekly "Virtual Game Rooms" for students to gather with one another and interact in an inclusive, relaxed, fun and structured setting.  I am working out the details and have several faculty members who have stepped up to facilitate these 'Rooms'.  More information will be out soon.

• Warm weather, a break in our recent routines and the continuing need to learn remotely will likely change your family's needs following break.  Those changes will be different for each family.  Be sure to communicate with your mentor or contact me directly so we can work out how we can match your needs with our supports.

• Appreciate the weather and what you have. It is a certainty that others are worse off.

Happy Birthday!!!

4/9 Eli P
4/10 Dan 
4/13 Ryan D
4/15 Eva S
4/18 Sam R & Sammy T
4/23 Tanner L
4/24 Desmond G & Grace M
4/25 Linnea H
4/26 Jacob L
4/27 Lincoln S
4/29 Adam H