March 27: Morning Meeting

Choose your own Adventure Day 10:

• Over 70 families attended Morning Meeting today.  Despite technical Difficulties  it worked here is a link to the reboot as promised.  or Youtubery

• No School Monday (scheduled Inservice.) Get outside, turn off screens.

• If you want to adjust contact with your mentor schedule more or less frequent phone/video calls with them.   Its ok

• Despite the somewhat ridiculous nature of the videos there is some real information included.  The 'humor' is intended to get you to pay attention.

Remote learning feedback survey is fixed so you can submit your feedback.

Check out our Facebook page even if you don't have facebook you can still view it. Send some love around and let people know you are supporting them and their posts.


Too tired. Read the bullets above and expound on them in you imagination adding in anecdotal quips you thing are amusing.


. Sunny day

• Friday


• Saturdays are not feeling much different than any other day of the week.

• Recycling is piling up