March 26 Updates!

Choose Your Own Adventure: Bulleted Points or Narrative Explanation


• Remote Learning until May 4th

• Complete the Remote Learning Feedback Survey

• Morning Meeting with Mr Valence tomorrow morning at 10am Totally Optional (link was sent in a separate email today)

• The Sanitizer answers your questions:


The Governor Sununu's announced today that schools will continue to provide instruction remotely through May 4th.  While this answers one question, it presents a list of new ones.  

For this reason, it is very important that you complete the Remote Feedback Survey. The information it provides will be invaluable to us in charting our course for the next 5 weeks or longer.

Today's announcement lets us make the decision we need to make. Be assured, that I have several contingency options for each of these questions. Now that we know our operational time frame,  we can begin to address these questions.  This afternoon, I received a call from Commissioner Edelblut asking that I serve on a steering committee to look at the implications of today announcement, I am hopeful that this will provide Lyme the opportunity to contribute to the conversation.  

At this point I don't know whether we will be asked to continue to teach remotely following May 4th, whether NH will choose to close school altogether as other states have,  whether the school year will be shortened or the school will be reopened following May 4.  

What I am certain of is that we will continue to support our community in any and all ways we can.  We will continue to provide resources, expertise or leadership to every organization who seeks to support member of the town of Lyme.

Virtual Morning Meeting

I hope to "see" you at Morning Meeting  tomorrow at 10am (link was sent in a separate email today).  I miss seeing all of you.

By Popular Demand: The Sanitizer answers your burning questions

Email your questions to  He will answer them on the next episode of Adventures with The Sanitizer.


• Our local restaurants are open and AMAZING!

• I am loving the posts on Lyme School's Facebook Page!

• We live in a town like Lyme

• Baby Boy Geoghegan arrived Tuesday weighing in at 6lbs 12ozs. He and Mom are doing well.


• We are going to be at this for a while.

• Looks like I am going to be making more videos.

• Miss seeing all of the Lyme families.