March 19: ...But this goes to 11...

Parents: Please tell me you get the reference to Spinal Tap, which, if you have not seen,  would be your homework.

Parents: You have your fingers on the volume. 

Every Family has different thresholds and tolerances.  In our current situation our intent is to support you to the extent you feel fits with what your family is experiencing.

• Too much screen time ?  Limit it.  Kids only need to participate to the degree it is constructive for your family.

• Too much work ?  Limit it.  Choose the assignments they are most excited about and have them focus their energy there.

• Too much Communication ?  Limit it.  Set up a schedule through your mentor that is most constructive.

Lyme School Drive in:  Pick up for food and materials. 

Hours:  11:30 -12:30 and  3pm-5pm. Call us if you need us to stay later (don't speed)

• Communicate with your family mentor to have materials or resources gathered for you.  They will communicate with staff here who will package and sanitize it for pick

• We will send you an email when your materials are ready for pick up, so you don't have to make unnecessary trips.


• Stay tuned for the release of Lyme School Studios newest feature film coming out very soon....

• We are learning a lot and I have really enjoyed working through the challenges of creating a different platform for communication, emotional/social health and education with our staff.  This is not easy stuff, but it is an amazing opportunity think creatively.  

• No new cases in the country of China today, only new one case yesterday and the day before.  So there is return to "normalish" pattern of the spread that we might presume will occur for other populations (This is the 'light at the end of the tunnel' I am embracing anyway).  All you medical/science/statistician  types:  don't crush my vibe.


• We will still have yet to experience the spike in cases in the US

• I ran out of hamburger rolls