Monday Update and To Do list

Your To Do List:

• You have checked our website today so you have accomplished the first item on your list. Good Job, You get a ⭐️

• You should Download the Schools App and Turn on Notifications.  Instructions here.


• You will be receiving a call from your family's mentor this evening, if you have not already.

• Our first activity will be posted tomorrow morning on the Remote Learning site under your child's classroom.  We are doing a common Design Lab activity to provide a fun way to learn how to find and share assignments. You will find the link at the top of each teachers' Remote Learning Page and will look like this:

• I have been in touch with the Public Utility Commission which oversees Consolidated TelComm, our DSL provider, about working to broaden our capacity for data and traffic over our town's infrastructure.   

•Prior to any action on their part it is a good idea to discourage any Fortnite marathons or internet heavy entertainment (Video Games, MMORPG or Binging watching every episode of ______).  Encourage playing outside or games that don't require the internet.  You could even introduce your kids to Monopoly and lose a day or two in doing so.  

Social Distancing in Practice:

The purpose of closing school is to decrease the opportunity which the COVID virus can spread.  The effectiveness of such a measure depends on how each family responds to limiting contact with others, especially in larger groups.  So this period of time is NOT an opportunity for playdates, travel, attending group activities or co-mingling within changing groups or sharing lollipops (sorry had to).   The more effective we are in reducing contact, the greater impact we will have on the spread and the rate of infection.