5th graders getting their letters

The 5th graders spent the past couple of weeks learning about adaptations and different world biomes. Last week, they received a letter from the head of the World Wildlife Fund (aka Mrs. Burns) informing them that they have been tasked with discovering (creating) a creature well-suited to a given biome. Below is an excerpt from the letter they received. 

Dear 5th Grade Biologist,

You are about to embark on an exciting journey of discovery
that will take you to explore new places and animals around the
globe. You will be sent with a team of other scientists to explore
a chosen habitat. Your mission is to learn as much as you can
about this place so that you can then be informed when sent out
to discover a never before seen animal. We at W.W.F. know there
are so many creatures yet to be discovered and we want to be at
the forefront of these new discoveries. With your help we are
sure that we will be able to present some amazing new animals
to rest of world.

After your return from this mission we will expect a full report

and presentation on the animals you discover. It is very

important to us that your new animal fit into its habitat as
seamlessly as possible. We want to ensure the survival of the
species and the only way it will survive is if its adaptations allow
it to thrive in its environment. Keep this in mind on your

5th graders have been working enthusiastically to research their biome and understand the challenges it poses to survival in order to create a species that has special structural and behavioral adaptations well suited to their assigned environment. They are honing their research and writing skills, life science knowledge, observational skills, creativity, time management skills, and much more, while collaborating with a group of fellow 5th grade scientists. Very soon they will be ready to unveil their amazing discoveries to the Lyme community. Students will be presenting and sharing their species’ adaptations with a panel from the Department of Cryptogenetics Genetic Evaluation Review Board (Local guest scientists from the Upper Valley). 

On June 5th, stop in to see their handcrafted models, posters, and descriptive paragraphs.