Not Found Yet...

In changing the name of our lost and found this year to “Not Found Yet…”, we did so with a hopeful spirit!  We believed the repurposed cubbies and permanent location in the stairwell by the gym would make it easier for students and parents to find their lost items.  Please stop by and take a look through our ever-growing collection of lost items waiting to be found. There are quite a few valuable jackets, water bottles, shoes, mittens, (and even a few children!)

In order to stay on top of the pile, we will donate to Listen any unclaimed items over our February break.  After the break, any item in the “Not Found Yet…” will be labeled with the date it appears in our collection. We will then keep the item for one month and donate it to Listen after the 30 day stay in our collection.

Please stop by soon when you are at school and check out the “Not Found Yet…” or remind your child to look for that lost jacket, mitten, shoes, or water bottle.  Labeling your child’s belongings with first and last name can also help them find their owners!