What Time is it? STANTON TIME! December Edition


So much good stuff has been happening during Stanton Time, from Kindergarten through 8th grade!

Currently, grades K-4 are working with WISE educators during Stanton Time and 5-8th during their health classes. We’re so fortunate to have this organization working with our students! Mrs. Stanton will continue to share information with families that explains what students are exploring during class time.  

Kindergartners are sharing what they already know as well as learning about manners! I am so fortunate to be able to spend time with these super polite and considerate K-kids. I am confident that they will continue to grow as involved and cooperative community members!

First graders have been exploring feelings/emotions and practicing “I - Messages” when given certain scenarios. Their emotional vocabulary is extensive and we will continue to work on skills and strategies in hopes to develop their clear, effective, and respectful communication!

Second graders are learning about “self-control”. We talked about our “Chimp Brains” and how to harness our STAR (Stop, Think, Act, Reflect)  Power with our “Professor Brains” in order to make good choices. The power of thinking and reflection will take these folks very far! Ask your second graders about BUBBLES :-)

Third graders started a unit on self-esteem which we will continue to explore after the break. After their field trip to the Women’s Dartmouth basketball game, students were able to identify how players made mistakes but also what they think players' self-talk might have been to “get them back in the game”. We will continue to think about our own self-talk and its role in athletics, academic, and social situations and what to say to ourselves to keep ourselves “in the game”.  

Fourth and Fifth grades are learning about all types of physical, emotional, and intellectual disabilities through the Changing Perspectives curriculum. I have been so impressed with how both groups demonstrate curiosity, empathy, and respect during our conversations and activities. Talking about these topics and exploring our own biases aims to open our minds and show more acceptance and empathy for others. We might also find more that connects us than distances us along the way!

Sixth grade has continued to WOW me with their group problem-solving initiatives. We are having a BLAST working together and exploring creative and analytical problem-solving through challenges and initiatives.

Seventh grade had the chance to view some Teen TED Talks. These videos featured some passionate, dedicated, and innovative teens making positive changes in their communities and our world. Students identified the problems they aimed to solve, the challenges they had to overcome, and the character traits essential to their success. Students also had a chance to reflect on their own character trait that they want to work on and strengthen in this new year.

Finally, our eighth graders have been exploring the 16 Career Clusters developed by the Department of Education. A career cluster is a group of jobs and industries that are related by skills or products. They are intended to help organize career development activities around groups of similar occupations. Students reflected on their own interests, skills, and aptitudes in regards to these clusters. They also filled out their Job Shadow Day application which will be used by Upper Valley Careers Clic staff to place students at job shadow sites. Job Shadow Day in the Upper Valley will be April 2nd and I look forward to students’ real-life investigation into the world of work. A BIG thank you in advance to parents for your help with carpooling that day!!!  

PHEW! What a fun and dynamic few months it has been and will continue to be! I hope you and your families have a wonderful holiday season and a relaxing and enjoyable vacation!

With gratitude and holiday gusto,

Mrs. Stanton