Middle School French

In 6th Grade French, your student has been learning how to have a short conversation with friends and family. They now know the French terms for all the members of their immediate and extended family, and how to ask their ages and nationalities.  Also, students  know the numbers 1- 100 in French, so we have been playing a lot of BINGO in class. Of course, they love to win, but they have to call back the numbers correctly in French before they can collect their prize.  Looking ahead, there will be a test next Thursday on leçons 1, 2, 3 and 5, 6, and 7.  We will be preparing for this test in each of the classes prior to Thursday, November 8th, but your child should be studying for this test at home until then, as well.

In 7th Grade French, your student has learned a new verb, which is critical to his/her ability to communicate in French. The new verb is an irregular verb, which means it is more challenging to conjugate than the regular ones. The new verb is “to have” is such a common verb, so is very important to know as we progress this year in our verbal and written skills.  In another component of learning the language, I recently told the class a fairy tale in French, and then asked them to read it and practice their pronunciation skills with it. I recorded my voice on line and created a link they can access on my Lyme School class page or my homework site. This way they can practice their pronunciation anytime at their convenience.  I will assess their pronunciation in the near future.

In 8th Grade French, students have been involved in a number of different learning activities. They are continuing their work in the textbook, but have also been reading a novella in French, as well as classic French poetry and fables. Students are listening to the correct pronunciation of the literature, and practicing their verbal skills thereafter. They will be assessed on the fable, The Crow and the Fox, in the near future. We’ll continue to engage in French brain breaks to give us a break from the challenges of French grammar and are looking forward to a cooking assignment next quarter. Be forewarned! Your French student will pick a classic French recipe to prepare with a classmate at home and then bring the delicacies to class. They will present their food to the class in an exclusively French presentation.