Lyme School's Operation: Drop Off

Dear Parents,

   For years we have been trying to figure out the safest procedures for drop off amid the influx of commuters who are sharing the Route 10 at the same time we are dropping our kids off at school.  We have also been trying to figure out the best way to communicate these procedures.  

This past long weekend I decide to throw myself into creating my first Youtube.  The result is a explanation of the drop off procedure that hopefully you will find as entertaining as it is informative (no promises).

Please take 3 minutes and 44 seconds to view it and commit it to memory (I get a report on the number of views which is cool).  • Leave a comment on how thoroughly entertaining and inspired you are and any nominations for academy awards you may feel are justified.   • Watch it more than once for all the subtleties you might miss on the first viewing.   • Reinvigorate your appreciation for Gary Newman’s short, but inspired musical career.   • Ask yourself why I don’t get a hobby (quick).   • And show up tomorrow morning with a greater understanding of the ballet which is our morning drop off.

Here is the link:  (and no this is not spam requesting you send $50 to the exiled Prince of Thatsnotevenaplacia.)   (make sure your sound is on)

Enjoy!  (and on behalf of the Selectboard and the Lyme Police, thank you.)