New Fundraiser -- The VIRTUAL rummage sale. You have to be part of the private group to join the virtual rummage sale --

We are different from the list-serv in that this is the smaller Lyme School community and we our focus is on KIDS clothing, toys and gear.

All arrangements are made through the Facebook Buy/Sell group. Buyers and sellers can communicate with the other through the platform. Because the seller is required to put a price in the listing, know that this is just as SUGGESTION. You can pay what you wish, as all payments are going to Lyme School PTO. Picking up your item(s) is worked out between you and the seller (it could be a driveway/garage or an exchange on the green or a drop-off at the school).

Payment can be made at our online payment portal: INSERT LINK HERE. You do get a confirmation message when you make a payment.

We are hoping you will "round up" for the sake of Lyme School students.


Go to:

Through this page, members of the Lyme community, Lyme school faculty and staff and current and alumni Lyme School Families can buy and sell items to benefit Lyme School PTO.

Here's how it works:

To "Sell" Something:  Post a picture, a description (including the condition it is in), and a suggested price. As with our swap and shop, prices are only recommendations, so you can still just pay what you wish.

To "Buy" Something: Notify the seller (can be done through the group or if you know them, pick up and the phone and call them!). Make arrangements for pickup. Please be sure to follow social distancing recommendations.

To "pay" for an item: Make a donation to Lyme School PTO online by credit card or by mail if using cash/check (mail these to Lyme School c/o Lyme School PTO, 35 Union Street, Lyme, NH 03768).

Good Common Sense Advice & Other Guidelines:
Clothing should be laundered.
Other items should be wiped down with a disinfectant.
Consider leaving items untouched for up to a week before using.
Maintain appropriate distance when picking up or delivering an item, wear a mask if needed OR arrange for curbside pickup.
Buyers assume responsibility for ensuring safety of any items purchased.
Please no car seats or baby cribs.
Please only post items that you would be happy to pass on to a friend. i.e. Nothing broken or badly stained/ripped.