Welcome to the Lyme School website. We are blessed with many strengths. We are a small school of approximately 200 students, where everyone knows each other. Lyme students attend kindergarten through eighth grade at the Lyme School and choose a secondary school from among those in neighboring towns. Our faculty is one of our greatest attributes. The Lyme School is a school where teachers stay because it is the kind of community where we, as teachers, have always dreamt of teaching. We have enthusiastic, conscientious, articulate and kind students and a very supportive and involved community. We strive to develop students who reflect our Principles of Learning

  • Informed and Reflective Learners,
  • Clear and Effective Communicators
  • Creative Problem Solvers and Analytical Thinkers
  • Involved and Cooperative Community Members

The Lyme School is situated in one of the greatest places on earth, New Hampshire’s Upper Valley, which cradles both the ideals of rural living and the educational and cultural opportunities of more urban communities due to its proximity with Dartmouth College. Whether you are new to Lyme or have lived here for years we hope that you will take the time to stop by the school and learn about the many things that are taking place here.


● Fairness  ● Respect ● Responsibility ● Honesty ● Kindness ● Creativity 
● Individuality ● Best Effort ● Work Ethic ● Companionship ● Belonging

To understand the Lyme School take a look at our past newsletters or our news articles, they will give you a good sense of our school and how much we love being a part of it.