Mo Chandler | mchandler@lymeschool.org

Hola! I am SeƱora Chandler, the 7&8th grade Spanish teacher at the Lyme school. I have been teaching Spanish for 11 years, and this is my second year at Lyme. In my class, we acquire the Spanish language by focusing on high- frequency structures (or the most commonly occurring words/phrases in the language). We use these structures in class discussions, stories, and cultural explorations. Almost all of our class time will be spent using Spanish--not using English to talk about Spanish. Students will be expected to recognize these high-frequency structures when they read or hear them and will work to improve their accuracy in producing them in speech and writing as well.

All assignments outside of class time will be posted on our class Google Classroom page. I also always post additional ways to practice Spanish on my Bitmoji class page, which can be located from the Student Learning Portal.

Outside of school, I spend my time on my homestead with my husband, 2 children, dog, cat, fish, chickens and my big garden. I also love to travel (mostly to Spanish-speaking countries!), hike, go boating, and cook and preserve yummy food.

Email is always the best way to contact me, if you ever want or need to get in touch with me.