Mrs. Stadheim
About me

I have been teaching for 16 years and during that time I have taught all subject areas in the 4th and 6th grades. When I am not in the classroom one might find me at the hockey rink with one of my three boys. When I have down time I love to be outside in the warm sun or reading a good book.

Language Arts

In Language Arts, your child will be exploring literature and its relationships with world history, diverse cultures, and society. Additionally, through practice, they will gain an understanding of the importance of reading and writing in their lives, while developing skills in the areas of spelling, vocabulary, mechanics, and grammar. My goal is to help your child acquire the language and thinking skills that will help them become more knowledgeable and successful in today’s society.

I will follow a yearlong reading workshop model, accompanied with units covering short stories, novels related to prejudicial issues and adolescent themes, nonfiction reading, and a writing curriculum that will focus on the development of both creative and expository writing skills.

Social Studies

Sixth grade Social Studies starts its focus on the Thirteen Colonies, beginning with the Jamestown Settlement and will move to the Salem witch trials, culminating with a New England, Middle, and Southern Colonial Project. From there, we will move from the colonies to the creation of our country. We will study the Revolutionary War, Establishment of a Republic, Republican Women, and the Founding Father’s ideals.