Ms. Gautreau
About ME

Welcome to our Third Grade website. This is my ninth year teaching here at the Lyme School, and I love it more each year.  My vision as a teacher is to allow each child to be an individual.  We all learn on a spectrum and within a span of abilities, one being strong while the other is still developing.  As an educator of 7-9 year olds, and a mother of two young boys, I want more than anything for my students to understand that learning is a process.  A continuum of trying, with failure, failure, success, failure, failure success.  We cannot have success without that failure. 

Thank you for taking the time to view this website!


Third Grade & Forest Friday

This is the year for students to practice responsible decision making and problem solving within a new learning space.  Another year older brings more responsibility, along with many choices both in and out of school.  Friendship might mean something different this year, and individuality may start to reveal itself.   

Forest Friday is a highlight for third graders.  Every week they venture out into their forest classroom and enjoy the fresh air, sounds of nature, and space to run!  Weekly writing, science, and math is carefully woven into their forest learning sessions to encourage deeper thinking and learning for students.  

In the fall students become familiar with renewable and nonrenewable resources.  They learn about forest stewardship, along with plants and trees life cycles. A trip to Cedar Circle Farm is always a great way to reinforce this learning, and a perfect local connection.  Later in the year we research New Hampshire forest animals as we learn winter adaptations and animal tracking.  Our spring is usually full of wild flowers, frogs, and lots of fungi!  In third grade we learn from what we can see right outside.