Mr. Chapin
About Me

I grew up just across the river in East Thetford, Vermont. When I was 3 and 4-years old I attended Lyme Nursery School. I did some other stuff and now I’m back in Lyme teaching Music! I live in Bradford with my wife Emily and my two stepdaughters Kyra and Rylie. I play in a band called Wild Roots and I enjoy eating pizza. My favorite thing to do is play games with my family.

About Music

The Lyme School Music Program is designed to help foster a lifelong love and appreciation of music through a variety of activities such as singing, dancing, playing instruments, writing songs, and learning about The Beatles. The Lyme School showcases annual Winter and Spring Music Concerts as well as a Kindergarten Variety Show. Students also have the opportunity to perform in front of the school for the weekly Friday Morning Music Moment. At the Lyme School, we’re all musicians!