Ms. Collins
About me

I am thrilled to be entering my second year as a humanities teacher at the Lyme School. I live in Norwich with my husband, three children and dog Milo. Outside of the classroom I enjoy running, skiing, reading, coaching and spending time with my family.


Humanities classes feature interdisciplinary curricula which incorporates history, geography, and language arts to explore a central theme, topic, or experience. 6th grade humanities will focus on the themes of identity and community. Through novels (both whole class and choice), informational texts, art, read alouds and poems, we will analyze the elements that go into defining one’s identity, what causes people to choose to leave a community and finally what happens when cultures clash. Humanities class focuses on the interrelated experiences of reading and responding to literature, composing informative, narrative and argumentative writing pieces, and aims to hone students critical-thinking and communication skills.

8th Grade Humanities

The 8th grade Humanities course will use the essential questions “What are human rights?” and “what is justice?” to direct our studies this year. As we study events from 20th century world history, we will use a combination of informational texts, whole class anchor texts, read alouds, poems and novels in book clubs to analyze and gain perspective and understanding about our content. A focus for the year will be on writing, particularly argumentative and informational essays. Additionally, we will focus on civil discourse and oral communication skills as we discuss and debate challenging topics. Our year will culminate with a Genius Hour project exhibition and students writing and reciting their own ‘This I Believe’ essay in the spring.