Dear Friends,

It is nearly the end of the school year and before it ended I wanted to wish you a happy summer break.  If we take a step back and recognized all that we have managed, despite challenges of a pandemic, I would say we could feel good about what we have accomplished.  

As a reminder here are some helpful dates and links:

• School Calendar
• Reopening Plan
• 8th grade Graduation this Thursday, 6pm on the field behind the school. 
• Last Day of School: Friday dismissal @ 2p. Bell ringing at 1:45
• Don’t forget about the Converse Free Library’s Summer Reading Program.  Here is the Programs schedule.

On behalf of everyone here at the Lyme School, thank you to the PTO and parents for gift certificates❤️😀.  We were very pleased to have the chance to be WITH the kids throughout the year.

Thank you to Board members past and present for the time and effort it takes to support the Lyme School.  Thank you to their spouses for the time they gave up with them so they could support our school.

Thank you to our incredible COVID committee (Antonia Altomare, Karen Huyck, Margaret Caudill-Slosberg, Kim Allen, Michael Hinsley, Board Members: Matt Hayden and Yola Bujarski and most of all Kati Miller, our school Nurse, along with all the nurses who helped us prepare and get through this year: Matt Greenway, Lara Dwyer, Rose Knaus, and Kris Pekala.  Thank you all! 

Thank you to the Health checkers Tobin Summerfield, Allie Elliot, Keith Clark, Megan Fryman, Kate McNall, Susanne Simon.

Thank you to the Crossing Guards, Michael Whitman, James Graham and Chief O’Keefe

Thank you to Sarah Glass and the PTO for all you did to keep spirits high this year and help us maintain some of the traditions we love so much. 

Thank you to our departing colleagues, Mrs. White, Mr. Pendleton, Mrs. Geary, and Ms. Croitoru. We wish you the best and thank you for your incredible dedication, talent and commitment to our students, our school, and our community.  Once a Lymie, always a Lymie!

Thank you to everyone who works at the Lyme School, who, as much as they are appreciated for what they do, there are so many things that you do that no one will know about or assume you do.  Thank you for those things especially.

Thank you to all those who have supported someone, who supported our students and children.  

and finally…
Congratulations to our students, graduates and parents for the end of a very successful year.  Enjoy the summer, restore yourself and your commitment to a healthy, supportive, community, and above all else, find time to relax and spend time with your kids.  We will see you back here in September.  Take care of each other.  


Jeff Valence
Guy in the Front Office,  The Lyme School 
35 Union Street, Lyme, New Hampshire 03768
www.lymeschool.org  |  facebook
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