Mrs. Franks
About Me

I have been teaching and learning at the Lyme School for over 22 years.  During that time we have gone from Mac Classics with a single dial-up internet connection to the amazing facility and high speed fiber optic connection we have today. My husband and I live in Hanover and have two grown children and two young grandchildren. When I am not working I enjoy reading, kayaking, Tai Chi, and most of all adventures with my grandchildren.

About Computer Classes

Every class in the school has a computer class once a week.The focus is on using technology as a tool for learning. Students in all grades use age appropriate programming software to explore programming concepts and develop problem solving skills. 

In grade K-2 we focus on writing and drawing. Keyboarding practice starts at the end of 2nd Grade. Students in grades 3 and 4 continue keyboarding and begin to use internet resources for research. Students use technology to create projects about units they study in the classroom. 

In Grade 5 students are given GSuite (Google) accounts which they continue to use throughout their middle school years.  GSuite includes word processing, presentation and spreadsheet programs, as well as providing a central location for students to store their work so they can access it anywhere they have an internet connection.