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Lyme School Staff

Telephone: 795-2125             Fax: 795-4719 

Jeff Valence Principal
Mike Harris Superintendent
Teresa Thurston Coordinator of Business Services
Nancy Wilson Assistant to the Superintendent
Miki McGee Special Education Director
Daniel Alberta
Educational Assistant
Angie Balch
Assistant Teacher
Connie Balch  Special Education
Jean Ball Educational Assistant
Judy Barton Administrative Assistant
Mike Beck Director of Facilities
Laura Bradley
Educational Assistant
Amanda Burns
Grade 5 Math & Science
Kristen Bushway
Vocal and Instrumental Music
Lauren Chomko Grade 8 Humanities, Grade 7 Language Arts
Kate Cook Differentiation Support Coordinator
Jake Cooke School Librarian
Bonnie Cornell Grade 5 Language Arts and Social Studies
Penny Cove Special Education
Lisa Damren Physical Education & Health
Karen Davis
Speech Pathologist
Steven Dayno Grade 4
Nancy Fleming Grade 2
Tracy Flickinger Educational Assistant
Meg Franks Technology Coordinator
Emily Girdwood
Noelle Gorman
Educational Assistant
Tom Harkins Grades K-4 Spanish, Grade 8 Spanish
Betsy Hutchins
Early Literacy
Rose Knaus
School Nurse
Mindy Lyons
Kindergarten & Early Literacy
Sarah McBride
Assistant Teacher
Sue Merrill Grades 5-8 Math
Jane Officer Grades 5-8 French, Grades 7 Social Studies
Noah Oltman
Educational Assistant
Skip Pendleton Grades 6-8 Science
Anna Pippin
Educational Assistant
Jennifer Pratt
Grades 6-8 Math
Larry Reed
Trisha Shipman Grade 3
Helen Skelly Guidance Counselor
Nikki Snyder
Educational Assistant
Heather Stadheim
Grade 6 & 7 Language Arts & Social Studies
Cathy Town
Night Custodian
Kathy Waste Educational Assistant
Elaine White
Special Education
Jennifer Wilcox Grade 1