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Policy Manual

A. School District Organization
Policy: AA School District Legal Status 
Policy: AB USDA Nondiscrimination Statement 
Policy: ABA Volunteer Involvement 
Policy: AC Nondiscrimination 
Policy: AD Educational Philosophy/Mission
Policy: ADB Alcohol and Drug-Free School
Policy: ADC Tobacco Products Ban
B. School Board Operations
Policy: BB School Board Legal Status
Policy: BBA School Board Powers and Duties
Policy: BBAA Member Authority
Policy: BBB School Board Elections
Policy: BBBA Board Member Qualifications
Policy: BBBC Board Member or District Officer Resignation
Policy: BBBD Board Member Removal From Office
Policy: BBBE Unexpired Term Fulfillment
Policy: BBBH Single District School Administrative Unit (SAU 76)
Policy: BCA School Board Member Ethics
Policy: BCB Board Member Conflict of Interest
Policy: BDA Annual Organizational Meeting
Policy: BDB Board Officers
Policy: BDC Elected District Officers
Policy: BDD Board-Superintendent Relationship
Policy: BDE School Board Committees and Representation
Policy: BDG School Attorney Services
Policy: BEA Regular Board Meetings
Policy: BEB Special Meetings
Policy: BEC Non-Public Session
Policy: BEDB Agenda
Policy: BEDD Rules of Order
Policy: BEDG Minutes
Policy: BEDH Public Participation At School Board Meetings
Policy: BFE Administration in Policy Absence
Policy: BG School Board Policy Process
Policy: BHA Requests for Public Information
Policy: BHB Records Retention and Disposition
Policy: BHC School Board Communications With Staff
Policy: BHE School Board Use of E-Mail
Policy: BIA New Board Member Orientation
Policy: BIE Board Member Indemnification
C. General School Administration
Policy: CGI Evaluation (School Principal)
D. Fiscal Management
Policy: DA Fiscal Management Goals
Policy: DBC Budget Planning
Policy: DBI Budget Implementation
Policy: DBJ Transfer of Appropriations
Policy: DC Taxing and Borrowing Authority/Limitations
Policy: DCA Post-Issuance Tax Compliance Policy and Procedures for Tax-Exempt Obligations
Policy: DFA Investments
Policy: DFC State and Federal Aid
Policy: DG Depository of Funds
Policy: DGA Authorized Signatures
Policy: DGB Credit Card Policy
Policy: DH Bonded Employees
Policy: DI Fiscal Accounting and Reporting
Policy: DIA Fund Balance
Policy: DIB Liability Insurance
Policy: DID Fixed Asset Management Policy
Policy: DIE Audits
Policy: DIF Fraud Prevention
Policy: DIG Policy and Procedures Regulating Lunch Sales
Policy: DJE Purchasing of Goods and Services
Policy: DJEJA-3 Bill Payment Authorization
Policy: DN Equipment And Supplies Sales
E. Environmental Safety
Policy: EB Safety Program
Policy: EBA Life-Threatening Student Allergies
Policy: EBBB-A Use and Location of Automated External Defibrillator(s)
Policy: EBBC First Aid and Emergency Care
Regulation: EBBC First Aid and Emergency Guidelines
Policy: EBBD Emergency Treatment of Anaphylactic Shock
Policy: EBBE Traffic Control & Speed Limits
Policy: EBBF Visitors to the School
Policy: EBBG Animals in School
Policy: EBC Crisis Prevention and Response
Policy: EBCA Emergency Plans
Policy: EBCD Emergency Closings
Policy: EBCDA Inclement Weather Maintenance Policy
Policy: EBF Compliance with Health, Fire, and Safety Regulations
Policy: EBH Use Of School Property
Policy: EEA Student Transportation Services
Policy: EEAAA Video and Audio Recording for Instructional Purposes
Policy: EEAE School Bus Safety Program
Policy: EFC Wellness
Policy: EHA Copyright Policy
Procedures for Policy EHA, Copyright Compliance
F. Facilities Expansion Programs
G. Personnel
Policy: GAA-3 Medical Examination Of School Personnel
Policy: GAABA-3 Sexual Harassment
Policy: GAEA Grievance and Appeal Process
Policy: GAEB Policy for Non-Discrimination on the Basis of Disability: Section 504
Regulation: GAEB Guidelines for Non-Discrimination on the Basis of Disability:Section 504
Policy: GAK Personnel Records
Policy: GAMA Employee Wellness
Policy: GAMAA-3 Occupational Exposure To Bloodborne Pathogens
Policy: GBAF Substitute Teachers
Policy: GBCD Pre-Employment Background Investigation and Criminal Records Check
Policy: GBDE Employment of Individuals Infected With Human Immunodeficiency Virus
Policy: GBI-4 Evaluation (Certificated Personnel)
Policy: GBRGA Consultants
Policy: GBRGB Tutors
Policy: GBRIA Employee Benefit/Leave Policy School Year Support Staff
Policy: GBRIB Employee Benefit/Leave Policy Year-Round Support Staff
Policy: GBRIC Employee Benefit/Leave Policy for Administrative Staff and School Nurse
Policy: GBRID Employee Benefit/Leave Policy for Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology Independent Contractors
Policy: GCC Service Personnel Recruitment And Hiring
Policy: GCD Support Personnel Compensation
Policy: GCH Support Personnel Evaluation And Supervision
Policy: GCRE Support Personnel Job Training
Policy: GCRF Support Personnel Substitutes
Policy: GDJ Promotion (Support Personnel)
Policy: GDRE Extra Duty (Support Personnel)
H. Negotiations
I. Instructional Program
Policy: IB Academic Freedom
Policy: IC School Year
Policy: ICA School Calendar
Policy: IF The Lyme School District Instructional Approach
Policy: IFA Selection of Instructional Materials
Policy: IFC School District Internet Access for Students
Policy: IFC-R1 Lyme School Internet Acceptable Use Procedure
Policy: IFC-R2 Lyme School E-Mail Acceptable Use Procedure
Policy: IGA Curriculum Development
Policy: IGE Parental Objections to Specific Course Material
Policy: IHAK Character and Citizenship Education
Policy: IHB Homework
Policy: IHBA Programs For Pupils With Disabilities
Policy: IHBB Individualizing Programs For Uniquely Advanced and/or Talented Students
Policy: IHBC School District Criteria For Special Education Evaluations
Policy: IHBD Determining a Specific Learning Disability
Policy: IHBG Participation of Home Study Students in School Programs and Activities
Policy: IJO Community Resources
Policy: IJOA Field Trips and Excursions
Policy: IJOC Volunteers
Policy: IKB Teaching of Controversial Issues
Policy: IKE Promotion, Retention, and Grade-Level Decisions
Policy: IL Evaluation of Instructional Programs
Policy: ILBA Assessment
Policy: ILDA NonAcademic Questionnaires and Surveys
Policy: IM Class Size
J. Students
Policy: JBCB-3 Provisional Resident and Non-Resident Students-Tuition
Policy: JBCCA-2 High School Placement And Tuition
Policy: JCA Pupil Safety And Violence Prevention Policy Bullying
Policy: JCDAA Tobacco Products Ban
Policy: JCDAD Dangerous Weapons
Policy: JDA-3 Corporal Punishment/Physical Restraint
Policy: JEB Entrance Age
Policy: JEC Manifest Educational Hardship
Policy: JECA Change of School or Assignment Policy
Policy: JFA Residency
Policy: JFAA Admission of Resident Pupils
Policy: JFAB Admission of Non-Resident Pupils
Policy: JG Recognizing And Reporting Suspected Child Abuse And Neglect
Policy: JGCB Immunization
Policy: JGCC Students with HIV/AIDS
Policy: JGCE-2 Administering Medication in Schools
Policy: JGF Student Safety
Policy: JH Attendance, Absenteeism,and Truancy
Policy: JHC Permission To Leave School Grounds
Policy: JHF Freedom OP Assembly (Religious Exercises)
Policy: JI Student Rights and Responsibilities
Policy: JIB Student Involvement in Decision-Making
Policy: JIC Student Conduct
Policy: JICC Audio and Video Surveillance on School Buses
Policy: JICD Student Conduct, Discipline and Due Process
Policy: JICFA Hazing
Policy: JICH Drug and Alcohol Use by Students
Policy: JIH Student Searches and Their Property
Policy: JJE Student Fund-Raising Activities
Policy: JJF Student Activities Fund Management
Policy: JJIF Daily Physical Activity
Policy: JLD School Guidance Programs and Services
Policy: JOB Print Information for Non-Custodial and Co-Custodial Parents
Policy: JRB Student Records and Access
K. Public Relations
Policy: KHE Gifts To Schools
Policy: KJ Advertising, Commercialism, and Contests in the Schools
Policy: KNB-1 Public and School Communications and Complaint Resolution
Regulation: KNB-1 Procedures for Public and School Communications and Complaint Resolution
L. Inter-organizational Relations
M. Educational Agency Relations
Policy: MI State Education Agency Relations