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Policy Manual

Regulation: KNB-1
Procedures for Public and School Communications and Complaint Resolution

Any person or group having a legitimate interest in the schools of this district is to be guided by the following procedures in presenting a complaint (concern, request, suggestion or grievance) as provided in Board policy KNB-1.

Complaints brought to administrators will be clarified as being either informal or formal. For purpose of this policy informal complaints will imply important but casual sharing of information which is taken under advisement. Such matters may or may not be shared with personnel. Formal complaints will imply the initia¬tion of a process of action toward investigation and resolution of concerns. Any person being complained about will be so advised.

1. Persons with complaints or concerns are strongly encouraged to discuss and attempt to resolve the situation directly with the employee who handles this matter, if applicable.

2. Unsettled matters from (1) above or concerns involving the school must be directed to the Principal of the school. (Concerns involving special education or other regulated programs may be directed by the Principal to another administrator.)

3. Persons with complaints or concerns about administrators are encouraged, but not required, to attempt to resolve the situation directly with the administrator.

4. Unsettled matters from (2) or (3) above should be directed to the Superintendent or his/her designee, who will hear and investigate the situation and provide a decision on how the situation will be handled.

5. Decisions of the Superintendent or his/her designee from (4) above may be appealed to the School Board in writing. Such letters should be addressed to the Chair of the Lyme School Board, c/o Superintendent's Office, 41 Lebanon Street, Hanover, NH 03755.

Letters should include 1) the facts of the situation as the complainant sees it, 2) the reason for appealing the Super¬intendent's decision, and 3) whether or not a formal audi¬ence with the Board is requested. It would be helpful to the Board if the letter also stated any desired outcome or resolution sought, if known. A copy of this letter will be forwarded to any employee involved and will be brought to the attention of the entire Board.

The School Board will consider requests to hear an appeal if requests are received at least one week in advance of a scheduled meeting. If the request is approved, the person or group will be invited to appear before the Board (in non-public session if the matter may likely affect the reputa¬tion of an individual) at which time any employee against whom a complaint is made may appear.

All Board decisions regarding the outcome of the appeal will be communicated in writing to the complainant and to the individual(s) against whom the complaint was made, if applicable.

6. Complaints that are communicated at an inappropriate level should be redirected to the appropriate level prior to any corrective action being taken.

7. The Board may request a disinterested third party review a specific situation and provide feedback to the Board.

8. Complaints about individual members of the School Board, or about the School Board as a whole, shall be submitted in writing to the Superintendent or his/her designee and will be brought to the attention of the entire Board.

REVISED: 11 February 1993

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