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Regulation: EBBC
First Aid and Emergency Guidelines

The school health office is equipped with the necessary supplies for emergency treatment, as well as having an emergency guide for all common injuries posted in a convenient location for anyone to use.

1. In the event of an emergency, the school nurse should be notified immediately. All first aid occurring on school property should be done by the school nurse. Never attempt to move, or turn, or reposition the head of a person with suspected spinal cord or neck injury.
2. The school office will know who is available for first aid and/or to take charge if the nurse is not available.
3. Ambulance and emergency medical service numbers should be posted on every phone.
4. A list of emergency trained personnel and emergency numbers to call is available with the school’s main office secretary and should be available to substitute secretaries and nurses.
5. Parents should be notified immediately when transportation to get medical help is needed, except in emergencies.
6. When a parent cannot be located, the school acts in loco parentis to the best of its ability, and for the best interest of the student.
7. Medical care may be delayed until the parent or responsible adult is contacted, except in the case of extreme emergencies.
8. Someone should stay with the injured person until the situation is resolved or the parent arrives (at school or hospital).
9. A written report must be kept on file of all accidents and injuries occurring at school.
10. The school nurse shall provide choke-saver and selected other brief training to every employee annually.
11. First aid or CPR courses should be offered annually.

EFFECTIVE: 1 November 1994