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Policy: KNB-1
Public and School Communications and Complaint Resolution

The Board recognizes that situations may arise in the operation of the schools which are of concern to parents or other members of the public. The Board considers it essential to have open channels of communication where such concerns are shared with appropriate personnel and officers in a timely fashion.

It is essential that all school district employees and the School Board be sensitive to the concerns of the community and individuals. It is also essential that school district employees be protected both from unfounded allegations and from public criticism in a forum in which they cannot respond.

To these ends, the School Board has established clear, well-defined procedures for handling formal complaints from parents or other community members, believing that such sharing is helpful and that it will not affect the teacher/student relationship. The Board considers it the obligation of the schools to make this policy and accompanying regulations accessible to those who express concerns.

Proposed changes to the supporting regulations must be approved by the School Board.

ADOPTED: 13 November 1980
REVISED: 11 February 1993