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Policy: KJ
Advertising, Commercialism, and Contests in the Schools

The objectives of this policy are:

1. To provide guidelines for appropriate and inappropriate use of advertising, commercialism, and/or contests in schools.

2. To protect both students and their families from pressure or exploitation by commercial, organizational and cultural interests.

It is the policy of the Board that the facilities, the staff, and/or the students of the District shall not be used in any manner to advertise or promote commercial, cultural, organiza¬tional or other non-school interests except that the District may:

1. Cooperate with distribution of public service information from non-profit community organizations such as the Recreation Department, Fire Department, Police Department, when such cooperation will not interfere with the school program,

2. Permit participation in essay, art, science, French, and similar contests or challenges sponsored by outside interests when such activities parallel the curriculum and contribute to the educational program,

3. Permit PTO-sponsored fundraisers provided that students are not used for selling and, at the discretion of the principal, the activity does not interfere with school routine,

4. Permit other school-sponsored contests or fund-raising if

(a) door-to-door sales are clearly not promoted,

(b) incentive prizes are designed for classes, or the school as a whole, and are not an enticement for the individual, and,

(c) if, in the opinion of the principal, the activity is linked to the educational interests of the school.

ADOPTED: 10 January 1991