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Policy: KHE
Gifts To Schools

The School Board welcomes appropriate acts of generosity including fundraising, foundation efforts, or individual gifts by citizens or citizen groups which aspire to benefit education of students. The following guidelines are established regarding the receipt of gifts:

A. Upon request, the administration will compile a list of needs for the school system—items the system needs but cannot afford to purchase at a given time. Individuals or groups may address these needs.

B. No members of the staff will solicit gifts for any purpose without receiving administrative authorization.

C. All gifts will be reviewed relative to appropriateness and usefulness. Whether accepted or declined, proper acknowledgment should be granted for all gift offers.

D. No gift offered to the school will be accepted by a staff member until administrative authorization has been granted.

E. Any gift contributed to the school becomes the property of the district and is subject to the same controls and regulations that govern the use of other school-owned property.

P. Contributions of equipment or services that may involve major costs for installation or maintenance, or initial or continuing financial commitments from school funds shall be presented by the superintendent's office for Board consideration and approval.

F. In advance of soliciting funds or making budgetary appropriations, individuals or organizations desiring to make contributions should counsel with school officials regarding the suitability of such contributions.

G. Individuals schools may develop guidelines regarding small gifts to libraries or classrooms to commemorate births, deaths, or holidays. Such procedures should be approved through the Superintendent or his/her designee.

ADOPTED: 8 June 1989