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Policy: JOB
Print Information for Non-Custodial and Co-Custodial Parents

Whenever possible and legal, the School Board recognizes the value of providing information to non-custodial or co-custodial parents regarding school progress and activities of their child. Each parent should have equal access to information regarding his/her child's school progress and activities, and the burden of such shared communication should not fall to the child.

Following written request to the Principal, the school will mail to the non-custodial parent or co-custodial parent, for a per page fee, copies of the formal school records also sent to the custodial parent. This includes progress reports, health data, and information regarding special education processes. These mailings will continue for the school year in which the request is made. Annual requests are required for the continuation of this service.

The school will honor other requests by non-custodial or co-custodial parents for shared information as much as time and resources allow.

In some cases, a parent is not permitted access to school infor¬mation regarding his/her child, as by court order or legal agreement. The Principal will inform any challenger to a parent's right to information that documentation must be provided to verify court-prohibited access to information. Such challenges will be referred to the Superintendent, and all information will be withheld until completion of the Superintendent's investigation.

ADOPTED: 8 November 1990
REVISED: 22 August 2002