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Policy: JJF
Student Activities Fund Management

I. Student Class Account and Activities Fund Management

The Board authorizes the establishment of Student Activity Funds.  Such funds shall be organized and managed consistent with the provisions of this policy.

Student activity funds may be raised and spent to promote the general welfare, education of the student body and/or the extracurricular activities of student clubs, groups and organizations.

The Principal of the school shall be responsible for the proper administration of the financial activities of the Student activities fund in accordance with state law and appropriate accounting practices and procedures.  The Principal is charged with establishing administrative regulations to carry out the provisions of this policy.

Student activity accounts are subject to auditing at any time by the Business Administrator or his/her designate.

II. Disposition of Inactive Accounts

Graduating class accounts cease to exist at graduation because graduated students are no longer part of the Lyme school student body and, therefore, cannot have an account in the student activity fund.  A graduating eighth grade class may vote after the annual 8th grade class trip to designate the balance of its treasury to be retained as scholarship funds to be awarded to future 8th grade students in need of financial assistance for the cost of the annual 8th grade class trip, or to designate the balance of its treasury as a gift to the school.

If such funds are not designated, and for all other inactive student accounts, the faculty advisor may be asked what is to be done with the balance of the account.  If nothing is to be done, the principal shall decide what to do with the balance, such as disbursing the funds to a different designated class account or evenly among the remaining student class or activity accounts.

First Read:  5/24/12
Second Read: 6/19/12
Approved: 6/19/12
Revised:  2/7/13