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Policy: JJE
Student Fund Raising Activities

The Board recognizes that students and other school organizations (e.g. PTO, library, drama club) may wish to engage in fund raising activities. Fund raising activities must be for the support of the school mission or approved charitable causes. All fund raising activities that impact the community outside of school (i.e. sales of merchandise, raffle tickets, or anything which involves solicitation from community members outside the walls of the school) require prior approval of the Superintendent or his/her designee.

Fund raising will not be school-sponsored unless it is approved by the Superintendent or his/her designee. All fund raising money must be deposited in the school activity accounts which shall be maintained according to standards and procedures established by the Superintendent or his/her designee, and these accounts shall be audited annually.

ADOPTED: June 14, 2007

Administrative Procedures for Lyme School Fund-Raising

To avoid conflicts, major fund-raising efforts for the school and related organizations will be coordinated each school year. Class and/or parent advisors will submit plans and dates of fund raising events to the Principal’s office by October 1. The Principal shall resolve any conflicts and publish a schedule of fund-raising events for the school year by mid-October. The superintendent’s approval of any fund-raising event that involves direct solicitation of community members will be obtained prior to publishing the schedule.

1. All fund-raising must be approved in advance by the Principal.

2. Any fund-raising efforts that involves direct solicitation of community members also requires the approval of the superintendent or his/her designee.

3. Fund-raising activities are limited to the following, except with the express permission of the Superintendent:

a. School-related fund-raising activities that provide a service (e.g. school dances, running the scoreboard for games, kids for hire, etc.).

b. Dedicated fund-raisers for the seventh- and eighth-grade class trips. During 2007-2008 there will be a limit of three dedicated fund-raisers for grade 8 and one dedicated fund raiser for grade 7. For 2008 and 2009 and years thereafter the eighth grade will be permitted to have two dedicated fund-raisers and the seventh grade will be permitted to have one.

c. One all-school fund-raiser per year run in conjunction with a single merchandiser or fund raising company (e.g., Innisbrook, Yankee Candle).

5. In the event that students are unable to raise sufficient funds to pay for a class trip, the difference will paid by students’ parents with scholarships available for those unable to pay. However, no student can be required to pay for a field trip if the trip is a required part of the school curriculum.

6. The Principal shall communicate guidelines for fund-raising and distribute these guidelines to staff, class advisors, and parent class sponsors.

7. Parents of seventh and eighth grade students will be informed annually of the
purpose and educational goals of the seventh and eighth grade class trips.

All proceeds from school-wide fund-raising activities will be deposited in a single activity account under the control of the superintendent. Funds will be divided proportionally according to the amount raised by each class (grade). All other fund-raising proceeds will be placed in the Lyme School activity account.

Approved: 8/23/2007