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Policy: JBCCA-2
High School Placement And Tuition


It shall be the policy of the Lyme School District to pay full high school tuition for any pupil who resides in the Lyme School District with parent(s), guardian(s), or person who has legal custody, and whose parent(s), guardian(s) or legal custodian is a resident of Lyme, in accordance with provisions of RSA 193:12.  Any parent or guardian who wishes to register a child at an eligible high school at Lyme School District expense, must complete a Proof of Residency Form, signed by the Lyme Town Clerk.  Parents or guardians who are legally divorced, must provide proof of court ordered custody prior to enrolling a child.  Guardians must provide proof of court appointed guardianship.

Tuition shall be paid to a public high school or to a public academy approved by the New Hampshire board of education, as is stated in RSA 194:27, or to an approved public high school in Vermont and by written agreement. Pursuant to RSA 194:22, the Lyme School District will enroll students and pay tuition to such high schools or academies by written agreements entered into by and between the Lyme School District and those schools’ respective districts.  It is the preference of the Lyme School District to negotiate and enter into written agreements with all high schools in which Lyme students are enrolled for the purpose of establishing tuition and the provision of special education services.

Fees such as athletic, program, or other fees, or foreign exchange costs, are not considered tuition under this policy, and thereby are not high school tuition to be paid by the Lyme School District.  With regard to public academies and independent schools with boarding programs, the Lyme School District will pay only full-time day tuition costs.

Historical Precedent
Historically, the Lyme School Board has approved high school tuition payments for enrollment at specific schools listed at the end of this policy. Those schools are comprised of public high schools, public academies and independent schools as defined under New Hampshire law. Factors considered in allowing enrollment at these schools include the provision of all required high school curriculum courses as well as comprehensive special education courses.  It is also important to the Lyme School Board that approved high schools accept public tuition funds and serve as a public high school for its Town regardless of the school’s formal designation whether public, public academy or independent.  A school’s historical provision of a high school education to students in the Town where the school is located, and the public character and nature of the relationship between that school and its Town are significant to the Board, and shall be considered whenever a request to send a Lyme student to a new high school is received.  

Written Agreements for High School Enrollment and Tuition

Under RSA 194:22, the Lyme School District will tuition high school students to high schools through written agreements.  It is the express intent of the Lyme School Board to maintain enrollment at the high schools listed within this policy and to negotiate on behalf of the Lyme School District the renewal of any written agreements with those respective Districts.

Written Agreement Criteria and Procedures

If a parent or guardian of a Lyme high school student wishes to seek authorization for enrollment and payment of tuition at a high school that is not a public high school in New Hampshire under RSA 194:27 and does not already have a written agreement with the Lyme School District, the parent, guardian or custodian (or the student if not a minor), shall submit a written request to the Superintendent at least six (6) months before the anticipated date of enrollment.  Upon receipt of the request, the Superintendent shall make a recommendation to the Lyme School Board to either 1) grant the request and pursue negotiations for a written enrollment and tuition agreement with the high school, or 2) deny the request. 

In making his/her recommendation, the Superintendent shall consider the following criteria: 1) the intent of this policy; 2) the historical precedent of the Lyme School District regarding high school enrollment and tuition payments; 3) whether other Lyme students have previously requested or are currently requesting enrollment and tuition to the high school; 4) the cost of tuition for the high school in relation to other tuition payments incurred for high school enrollment of Lyme students; 5) whether it is feasible to negotiate and enter into a written agreement before the anticipated enrollment date; and 6) any other educational or financial criteria the Superintendent finds relevant.  
Any ambiguities concerning whether a particular high school meets with the enrollment requirements of this policy shall be resolved by the Lyme School Board after consideration of the Superintendent’s recommendation.

If a written agreement between the Districts can be achieved before the anticipated date of enrollment, enrollment will be permitted and tuition paid to the new high school.  After one year, if the student plans to continue his/her enrollment this policy shall be amended to include the school.  It is expected when enrollment to a new school is approved, enrollment at the school will continue and, absent a breach of the written agreement, the new high school will be added to this policy.

Attendance / Fifth Year
School districts accepting a Lyme student for high school attendance will agree to send timely communication(s) to the Lyme School Board specific to any student(s) who is not meeting attendance or scholastic requirements leading to graduation within a four-year period.  Tuition beyond the fourth year for a high school student who has attended a high school or school(s) of corresponding grades without graduating, or costs related to other options for completing high school requirements within the fifth year, will be payable only upon specific authorization of the Lyme school board, upon such conditions as the board may impose, and in accordance with provisions of RSA 194:27-a.  Requests for fifth-year tuition to complete graduation requirements must be submitted to the Lyme school board in writing by the parent, guardian, or student, c/o Superintendent of Schools.   The Lyme school board, through its administrative personnel, reserves the right to review student options for completing high school graduation requirements.

High Schools with Lyme Student Enrollment
Hanover High School
Hartford High School
Lebanon High School
Rivendell Academy
St. Johnsbury Academy
Thetford Academy

Reference: Policy JBCB-3: Provisional Resident and Non-Resident Students—Tuition. RSA 193:12, RSA 194:27-a, and RSA 193:1, III.
ADOPTED:     12 June 1979
REVISED:     11 November 1993
11 June 1998
1 March 2001
29 April 2004
24 April 2014