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Policy: JBCB-3
Provisional Resident and Non-Resident Students—Tuition

Any student whose parent(s) or guardian(s) or person who has legal custody presents evidence to the satisfaction of the superintendent of schools of plans to move into the Lyme School District within forty school days of the initial enrollment date may be enrolled as a provisional resident. If the parent(s), guardian(s), or person who has legal custody becomes a district resident within the forty school days, the student will be considered a resident student from the initial enrollment date. If residence is not established within forty days, tuition shall be charged from the forty-first day until such time as residence is established. Exceptions, such as reasonable limits or extensions, are at the discretion of the superintendent of schools.

Any student whose parent(s), guardian(s) or legal custodian moves away or otherwise ends residency in the Lyme School District after April 15 may, upon written request of the parent(s), guardian(s), or legal custodian, complete that school year as a resident student.

All students not fitting into the categories described above will be considered non-resident students, and will be accepted for enrollment at the discretion of the superintendent of schools on an annual basis as long as space is available in a suitable program within the existing resources of the school district. All non-resident students will be charged full tuition, except that payment of tuition will not be required for children of non-resident full-time employees of the Lyme School District. Tuition payment will also be waived in proportion to percentage of employment for non-resident part-time employees of the Lyme School District.

The offer of tuition-free or adjusted-tuition attendance to children of non-resident employees of the Lyme School District is unilateral, is regarded as separate from contracts and working agreements that govern all other aspects of employment in the district and may be terminated at the end of any given school year by a decision of the Lyme school board.

ADOPTED: 11 April 1974
REVISED: 9 May 1980
18 December 1986
1 March 2001