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Policy: ILDA ­
Non­Academic Questionnaires and Surveys

This policy will apply to all non­academic surveys and questionnaires administered by the Lyme School.

Parents/guardians (“parents”) will be notified prior to the School administering a non­academic survey or questionnaire to students. Parents will be permitted to review the survey or questionnaire at the School and on the School’s website at least ten (10) days prior to it being administered.

Parents may opt ­out their child from surveys and questionnaires. Such an opt ­out notice must be delivered either in writing or electronically to the School. Parents who do not opt ­out their child from School­ administered surveys or questionnaires will be deemed to have consented to the survey or questionnaire.

For purposes of this policy, “non­academic survey or questionnaire” means “surveys, questionnaires, or other documents designed to elicit information about a student’s social behavior, family life, religion, politics, sexual orientation, sexual activity, drug use, or any other information not related to a student’s academics” or as otherwise may be defined by applicable state law or Department of Education regulation.

Legal References:
RSA 186:11, IX­d, Non­Academic Surveys and Questionnaires

APPROVED: 10 December 2015