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Policy: IGA
Curriculum Development

The School Board recognizes the importance of a school curriculum that challenges each student, reflects the values of the Lyme Community, and meets or exceeds current national and state educational standards.

The Principal will oversee all curriculum committees and report to the Superintendent on a regular basis. The Principal will submit to the School Board recommendations developed by the curriculum committees and the professional staff. In the course of reviewing curriculum recommendations, the School Board may solicit community opinion. The School Board will make final decisions on curriculum change.

The success of the curriculum will be evaluated by multiple measures, such as state achievement tests, national achievement tests, portfolios and rubrics.

All teachers have professional obligations to the school program beyond regular classroom duties, and these obligations include work on curriculum committees. It is expected that all teachers will make contributions to curriculum development.

REVISED: 25 May 2000
REVISED: 9 December 2002