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Policy: IFC - R2
Lyme School E-Mail Acceptable Use Procedure

May 2008

Eighth grade students may be provided with e-mail accounts as part of the technology curriculum. Students will be able to send and receive mail to people within the building and anywhere else on the Internet. Each student will be responsible for all activity on his or her e-mail account. Students must obtain parental permission and sign and return the Lyme School e-mail permission form to get an e-mail account.

Ultimately, parents/guardians of minors are responsible for setting and conveying the standards that their children should follow when using electronic resources. To that end, we support and respect each family’s right to decide whether or not to apply for an e-mail account.

Individual Users shall:

  1. Understand that use of the electronic mail system is not confidential and may be monitored at any time by designated staff to ensure appropriate use.
  2. Be responsible at all times for the proper use of their account by taking all reasonable precautions to prevent others from gaining access to their account and password.
  3. Not use another person’s account or password, or present themselves as another person.
  4. Understand and abide by all the provisions of the Lyme School Internet Acceptable Use policy when using e-mail.


Use of e-mail is subject to the provisions of the Lyme School Internet Acceptable Use Policy and other existing school policies, as indicated in the Lyme School Handbook. The principal and technology coordinator will determine whether specific uses of e-mail are consistent with school policies. If there is evidence that a violation has occurred, the Principal shall be notified and will determine appropriate consequences.