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Policy: GBRGB

The School Board recognizes that from time to time a need may arise that requires hiring a person in the position of "tutor." Tutors will be defined as temporary, part-time situation personnel hired on an hourly basis.

Tutors will be provided with an employment agreement specifying the number of hours, hourly rate, supervising teacher, and task(s) to be accomplished but with no commitment to on-going employment. Tutors should have some background and training in the area of service sought, but hiring will not require teacher certification.

Examples of need for a tutor might include providing temporary tutoring to a student homebound for reason of health or handicap, providing augmentative or enrichment services to students under a grant, providing classroom support to a hospitalized child, and/or providing temporary individualized services to a student in a unique circumstance.

The need to hire a tutor will follow careful administrative review of all options available; such recommendation will be brought before the School Board for approval if funds for the purpose intended have not been specifically provided for in the district budget.

Any tutor employed will be assigned to work under the direction of a properly certified staff member.

ADOPTED: 12 January 1995