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Policy: GBRGA

The Lyme School Board may authorize the Chair to hire consultants as deemed necessary.

The Superintendent, at his or her discretion, may hire consultants as deemed necessary for the management of school affairs, including but not limited to legal, collective bargaining, administrative and/or student/program services for which there are budgeted funds without School Board review and approval, including but not limited to in-service presenters and consultant student services.

The Lyme School District will follow all applicable U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations. A consultant who is considered an employee by the IRS for the purposes of withholding of taxes (only) does not qualify as an employee of the Lyme School.

The Board shall be notified of consultant arrangements at their next regular meeting.

ADOPTED: 12 January 1995
REVISED: 24 June 2004, 27 October 2005