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Policy: GBI-4
Evaluation (Certificated Personnel)

Evaluation of teacher performance must be a cooperative, continuing process designed to improve the quality instruction. To this end, teachers shall be evaluated for the following purposes:

1. To encourage and assist each teacher in improving his individual contributions to the quality of instruction;
2. to assess the needs for professional development, curriculum revision, and improved supervision for each school and the district as a whole;
3. to assist each teacher in his own professional development;
4. to separate from employment by the district those teachers who do not meet the requirements of the district with respect to professional competence and/or performance.

One aspect of the evaluation would be the extent to which the employee fulfills his/her own stated goals with respect to professional development. In addition, staff evaluation should reflect common criteria for each faculty as a whole as well as the stated philosophy, goals, and objectives of the Board and the administration. Criteria shall include the following:

1. Demonstrated understanding of and competency in responding to the individual student as a person and as a learner, and
2. professional development and contributions to the improvement of the instructional program as a whole.

Evaluation shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent of Schools, in cooperation with the principal, other designated supervisors, and the individual being evaluated. The Superintendent shall report to the Board not later than February 1st of each year concerning the evaluation process and, in executive session, concerning individuals for whom there is need for significant improvement or separation.

Certificated personnel who are in their first three years of assignment to a particular school shall receive a written evaluation at least three times annually. All other certificated personnel shall receive at least one written evaluation annually.

Each teacher who receives a written evaluation shall have the right to a meeting with the principal, and subsequently, with the Superintendent of Schools to discuss the teacher's evaluation. The teacher's request for such a meeting with the Superintendent shall be in writing and the meeting shall take place no later than fourteen calendar days subsequent to the receipt of the request unless otherwise mutually agreed.

ADOPTED: 12 October 1972